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What We Take

Removal & Disposal Services

We will remove almost anything and everything you need, but we cannot take any hazardous waste.

Furniture Removal

We take any and all furniture items. Whether you need a large sectional couch or a small end table removed, we’ve got you covered.

Mattress Removal

We take all mattresses and box springs. No matter the size, shape or material of the mattress, we’ll remove it for you.

Cardboard Box Removal

When your cardboard boxes stack up from holidays or online shopping, LoadUp can help haul them away and dispose of them properly.

Electronics Removal

LoadUp teams will take any electronic item. We can take anything from a stereo system to an ancient big screen TV from 1995.

Exercise Equipment

Whether it’s a entire home gym or treadmill that collected dust from day one, a LoadUp team can remove and haul it away for you.

Appliance Removal

LoadUp teams can take any appliance, big or small. We remove refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens and more.

Old Grill Removal

LoadUp will pick up and remove old grills in any condition, shape or size. This includes gas grills, charcoal grills and bbq grills.

Household Junk

LoadUp can help you get rid of your old household junk items such as a large mirror, old lamp, dated art work or even a broken suitcase.

Office & Business Junk

No matter what the item is from your office or warehouse such as old cubicles to office chairs, LoadUp will remove your office junk.

Oversized Bulky Items

LoadUp teams can disassemble and take any oversized or heavy item such as pool tables, child play sets, carpets, rugs and more.

Sports Equipment

From kayaks and canoes to soccer goals and golf clubs, LoadUp hauls away any unwanted sporting goods and equipment.

Old Tool Disposal

Any old tools that you need to get rid of, we can help! We’ll pickup anything from large tool boxes, table saws to ladders or lawn mowers.

Waste Removal

From residential to commercial waste removal needs, we can get rid of rubbish, trash and garbage on your property.

Yard Debris Removal

LoadUp will pick up and haul away yard debris as long as it’s bagged or bundled. We’ll take any ready-to-go leaves, grass and clippings

Baby Equipment

As your baby grows, we can help you size up by paring down old cribs, strollers, playpens and more for donation and recycling.

Bagged & Boxed Items

Removal of household garbage that has been bagged or boxed, including mesh bags, trash bags, cardboard boxes or tupperware.

Rims, Wheels & Tires

LoadUp will take used rims, wheels and tires off your hands, but not off your car. We will properly dispose of all used auto parts.

Used Pet Supplies

Our professionals can quickly pick up anything from used pet crates and carriers to giant cat towers and old chicken coops.

Christmas Tree Removal

We will personally remove your tree from the stand and professionally dispose of your old real or fake holiday tree.

Carpet Disposal

LoadUp will pick up and dispose any type of old carpet regardless of the condition such as carpet scraps, an old rug or a full roll of carpet.